Sunday, September 29, 2013

How To Change Theme Line ANDROID


LINE app is popular both the ones used for ANDROID and IOS like Chat. With the variety is. INTERNET by calling toll-free. Messaging and a lot of cute Stickers. But the look of the app called THEME. No change at all. Many people may have seen other people with the THEME of apps LINE with  pretty different from the original. Let's see how to make the look of the THEME LINE IOS (IPHONE, IPAD) to change these.

Prepare before change. 

1. Apps LINE V3.7 and above.
2. THEME LINE ANDROID that you want. Or download here FREE THEME LINE ANDROID



1. Check that the LINE Our load THEME CONY (Pink Rabbit) or not. Go to settings / themes, check it's not already loaded THEME CONY. If it does not load. Loaded successfully. 
2. Find for THEME LINE ANDROID that you want. If you can't find I Collect it here for you FREE THEME LINE ANDROID
3. After loading the THEME LINE ANDROID successfully. Load This app CHANGE THEME LINE to help in the transition. But it is in Chinese. Do not worry, I'll tell you how we will use them. 
4. When Loaded FREE THEME LINE ANDROID successfully. Change it name to "THEMEFILE"

*** If you changed but it become "THEMELINE.TXT" that can't use you will change to "THEMELINE" ***

5. Put the file we renamed THEMEFILE successfully. Into the phone

6. Back to Chinese app. Select the first command.


7. When you select it. Chinese app will allow us to find the store THEMEFILE we put in phone.


8. After selecting the application say to confirm that it has changed already. 


9. Back to LINE go to settings / themes to see THEME CONY it change the THEME we want. 

*** If theme do not change. Try to switch to another theme.Then switch to a theme that you want it. ***